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"Children's fantasy drama series. Young Romany girl Freya has magical powers which she uses to help people in need and also get herself into the odd bit of mischief.

Gypsy Girl introduces 14-year-old Gemma Gregory as the enchanting, but impulsive and shambolic Freya, and Olivia Winstone as Mary, her romantic, tempestuous friend. Freya is a young Romany girl who has inherited the powers of a 'Chime Child' from her grandmother (Eleanor Bron) Destined to help people who are hurt or in trouble, Freya sets out in her magical caravan and, accompanied by her cool, enigmatic brother, Tashar (Thomas Jamerson), and his horse Braveheart, she embarks on numerous adventures, making a host of friends along the way. Gary Webster plays Freya's uncle, Kokko George, a fun-loving scallywag who plays the violin.

Gypsy Girl is based on the trilogy of books by Elizabeth Arnold (The Parsley Parcel, Gold and Silver Water and A Riot of Red Ribbon). The writers are Carol Noble, Jim Eldridge, Lucy Daniel Raby and Bridget Hurst."

I came across this yesterday, and was stunned. While I'm pleasantly surprised that the name of our actual ethnic group was included here, that somehow didn't stop them from adding in the same stereotypes. I can forgive those who truly do not know better ~ but when I see things like this, it's obvious they do. You can't read about the Romani people without getting a dose of reality.

That said, the Romani are not the only culture they've stolen from to drum up their little fairytale. The legend of the 'chime child' comes from British and Celtic folklore. You can read about it further here. Essentially, they believe that individuals born during certain hours of the day may possess extrasensory perception, the ability to see the future, or communicate with the dead. While I cannot speak to whether or not this actually happens, I can say that it has nothing to do with gypsies or Romani culture at all. It seems that Elizabeth Arnold and ABC have no issues with stealing from any and all cultures necessary to make their story come to life. No wonder this child's 'gypsy costume' is so popular that it's sold out of nearly every online shop.

A much more cheerful costume than real gypsy children once wore. Remember that, folks, when you're dressing your little ones up like a 'gypsy'.

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